Custom Tiffany Stained Glass Imprint Window Shades

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Tiffany Stained Glass Window Shades Printed Reproductions

Printed Window Shades

  1. State of The Art Digital Printing
    Our finest translucent fabric blinds are made from state of the art high resolution digital printing technology.
  2. Great Option For Home Decor
    Whether your style is modern or traditional, these colorful Tiffany inspired window shades are certain to add adornment to any room and are great for any home decor interior.
  3. Colored Window Blinds Creates Art For The Windows
    Our window shades offer much more than light control and privacy; our shades are “Art For Your Windows”.
  4. Blinds USA
    All blinds are made in the USA.
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Tiffany Shades Gallery Collection
Originals on Exhibit at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

Winter Park, Florida

Enhance Your Home With These Beautiful
Architectural Custom Size Window Shades

Custom Window Treatments

While there are numerous window shades available in the marketplace, there are no Tiffany stained glass window shades or blinds offered except through Gallery Shades. The vast majority of shades are plain white or off-white vinyl. When colored shade fabrics or patterns are offered; the designs are repeat patterns; so that the material can be cut for any size, without destroying any specific pictorial image.

Gallery Shades, provides colorful pictorial printed reproductions, of actual Tiffany stained glass windows, in the form of roller window shades. Since your window blinds are custom printed, we are not restricted or limited to repeat patterns. Our mission is to provide you with ‘ART FOR YOUR WINDOWS‘; in addition, to the utility of blinds. Our shades are printed from the actual digital photographic files of the Morsey Museum, under exclusive license. Our shades make for such a dramatic presence, so as to stand alone, with or without the need for any additional expensive curtains or drapes.

Tiffany Shades

Whether you are looking for a modern or classic traditional décor; our stained glass Tiffany designer shades are sure to enhance any room in your home.

Printed Roller Blinds

The beauty of these colorful blinds is that they are made of the finest rich translucent fabric that allows natural light into your home during daytime; but as well provides privacy, energy control and protection against harmful UV rays. At night, these stained glass window blinds will reflect the room light to become a magnificent stained glass window, ‘Work of Art ‘, of astonishing beauty.

Custom Size Blinds

These designer blinds are custom window treatments as they are made to your window measurements for a perfect fit. We offer much more than the standard 35 inch blinds. Minimum width available is 34 inches. For long window blinds, the maximum size available is 70 inches. A fascia ($75 value) is included free for a finished look.

Discount Window Films

Unlike imitation stained glass static cling or self-adhesive window films, our stained glass has the functionality of a window shade. These films are more or less applied permanently to obscure an outside objectionable view. As a result, these films prevent any viewing outside your window and prevent the entrance of natural light when desired. These films are made of vinyl; not translucent rich looking fabric. These films tend to be limited to 24” inches in width; and, therefore, are repeat patterns. The window films do not allow for full graphic pictorial images. These films are not authentic digitally printed stained glass reproductions of actual windows.

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