How To Install a Spring Roller Shade


Please carefully follow Installation Instructions, included within your shade packaging [ for spring roller window shades ] before installing.


Installing Mounting Brackets

For inside mount brackets; hardware should be attached to the inside window frame.

Note: The brackets are typically mounted to the top of the window frame, at the top corners. If there is insufficient space to accommodate the bracket size (about 3” depth), you optionally can screw through the sides of the bracket into the side of the frame.

Hold brackets in place and mark hardware holes with a pencil for placement of both the right and left side mounting brackets. See Figure 1.

Drill small holes ( if necessary ) in mounting surface.

Mount brackets using appropriate fasteners . Note: If installing in dry wall, without studs, you will need drywall anchors.

IMPORTANT: Be certain to place plastic endcap covers onto ends of the brackets before fastening the brackets to the window frame.  If mounting to side of window frame, you will have to screw through the plastic endcap covers.


Install Window Shade

For spring roller, place right pin end into the right mounting bracket first; then rotates spear end into the left bracket. See Figure 1.

Note: Please disregard any Installation Instructions which reference Draper Flex Shades. Your shade is a spring roller, manual lift; not the Draper Flex Shade (which operates by a clutch and chain ).

If for any unforeseen reason, that the Installation Instructions were inadvertently not included within the packaging, the full instructions are available on the Draper, Inc., website online.


Install Fascia

Place groove along top of fascia over the endcap brackets and snap into place on front of the mounting brackets. See Figure 2.


Window Shade Operation

To lower window shade
Grasp center of slat, or pull ring, and pull down. Hesitate, then allow screen to retract very slowly until it locks in place.

To raise window shade
Grasp center of slat, or pull cord, pull screen down and, while holding, allow for slow retraction into raised position to reduce risk of injury from falling shade.

CAUTION: Do not allow shade roller to become exposed by pulling shade fabric too far down.

Spring Tensioning Instructions
Clamp flat spear on left end of roller securely (visegrip locking pliers recommended) and rotate clockwise a maximum of 15 turns. Take care to NOT allow pliers to slip as tension increases.

Once desired amount of rotations have been added, stop rotation of slotted end in a vertical position. Vertical position must be maintained to lock mechanism.

Release a small amount of pressure off roller and allow it to rotate very slowly (less than 180 degrees of rotation). This allows spring mechanism to lock into position.

IMPORTANT: Never use soap and or water on printed shade. Clean using an art sponge only.